Activities for Primary Grades - Wallet Wellness


Common Cents

Students explore the concept of money through a guided conversation and hands-on investigation that includes recognizing different forms of currency and payment methods (e.g., coins, bills, cards), and determining which is most useful in different situations.

Back to School Spending

Students demonstrate an understanding of the value of different forms of currency (e.g., coins, bills, cards) and ways it can be represented.

Physical Activity Fair

Students participate in active games as part of a Physical Activity Fair (could take place in classroom, gym, or outdoors). Students practise spending money and making change while taking turns playing and leading different games.

What’s On Your Menu?

Students develop a restaurant menu to discuss different spending options.

Classroom Connections

Golden Ticket

Students create individualized and/or class goals on how to collect Golden Tickets to earn a reward.

Healthy Schools Fundraiser

Students explore the concept of fundraising and determine a Healthy Schools initiative that will raise money for their school and/or community.

Classroom Benefits Store

Students create a Classroom Benefits Store and practise simple cash transactions to make purchases.

Take Home Activities

Spending and Saving

Children work with a family member to understand how they earn, get, spend, and save money.

Pay to Play

Children spend money using a Family Activity Menu.


Grocery Trip

Children research prices for items and plan a trip to the grocery store.


Recipe Roundup

Children work with a family member to choose a favourite family meal or recipe that they can make together.