Sample Messaging for Secondary School Students

In 2018, a law called Rowan’s Law was passed in Ontario in honour of Rowan Stringer. Rowan died while playing high school rugby as the result of multiple concussions received over 6 days, leading to Second Impact Syndrome. 

Rowan’s Law, which came into effect in 2018, makes it mandatory for sport organizations and schools to inform themselves about the dangers of head injuries. Rowan’s Law helps protect the player and helps students, coaches, parents/guardians, teachers, and officials learn about preventing concussions. 

In September 2019, the Ministry of Education updated its concussion policy (PPM 158) to be consistent with Rowan’s Law. Schools must comply with their school board’s existing concussion policy (which includes having a return to school and return to physical activity plan for any student who has a concussion).

Rowan's Law is also about education. By increasing concussion awareness and knowledge, we can change Ontario's culture around sports, physical activity, and injury.  Rowan's Law will make it easier for those who experience concussions to SPEAK UP, get the help they need, and take the time necessary for recovery, with the support of everyone around them.