Sample Messaging for Elementary School Students

Have you ever bumped your head or body? We likely all have! In sports and active games, there can be risk involved. Turns out, some bumps and bruises can really hurt our brains, and these may need a lot of time to heal. Therefore, Rowan’s Law was created.  

In 2018, a law called Rowan’s Law was passed in Ontario in honour of Rowan Stringer. Rowan died while playing high school rugby because she got multiple head injuries over a series of 6 days. 

Rowan’s Law helps protect kids who play sports or play active games in schools just like you! Sometimes sports have an element of risk, and that’s okay so long that we know how to approach that risk safely! Rowan’s Law helps teachers, parents/guardians, and coaches learn about preventing concussions (also known as bumps and bruises to the brain). Rowan's Law also helps people who get concussions recover. 

Thanks to Rowan’s Law, all sports organizations and schools in Ontario must have rules in place around concussions. Even when we do our best to prevent injuries there is always some risk. Rowan’s Law helps coaches, teachers, and parents/guardians know when a child has suffered a suspected concussion. It also lets the child know that they should immediately stop participating in physical activities and when they may safely return to play again.