Assessment When Formulating Questions

Educators may pose the following questions to prompt students to reflect on their actions in the Formulating Questions component:

  • Do your questions connect to the Big Ideas or topic area?
  • Are your questions open-ended?
  • Are your questions thought-provoking and intellectually engaging?
  • Do your questions call for higher-order thinking skills?
  • Do your questions raise additional questions and spark further inquiry?
  • Do your questions require support and justification?
  • Are your questions ones that can be revisited over time?
  • What type of questions are you asking (e.g., topical, overarching, skill-related, analytical, review)?

Assessing When Students are Formulating Questions

Students reflect on the Formulating Questions component by using the following Success Criteria as related to the Health and Physical Education curriculum expectations. Not all criteria will be appropriate for all grades, courses, or inquiry.

Success Criteria When Students are Formulating Questions

Educators develop the success criteria with students so that a common understanding is developed. The co-constructed descriptions may be different in each class, but below is a list of possible success criteria for Formulating Questions. Each of the following success criteria should be expanded to be linked to what students are specifically learning within the Health and Physical Education curriculum.

  • I can use brainstorming strategies to construct questions about [specific learning in HPE curriculum].
  • I can use a provocation (e.g., video, infographic, photograph, or artifact) to generate questions.
  • I can explain the difference between a simple and a complex question.
  • I can develop open-ended questions that require higher order thinking.
  • I can create an effective inquiry question.
  • I can refine my question as needed throughout an inquiry.
  • I can ask questions related to the original question investigated.
  • I can apply self-monitoring skills as I reflect throughout the inquiry process.