Curriculum Mapping - Movement Competence Example

This example pertains to the Movement Competence strand and the activity options utilized in each type of course at the Grade 11 level. This example uses all of the focus course codes but it will only be necessary to add the focus courses that each school is offering.

Overall Expectation: B1. perform movement skills, demonstrating an understanding of the basic requirements of the skills and applying movement concepts as appropriate, as students engage in a variety of physical activities.

Specific Expectation: B1.1 perform stability and locomotor skills in combination in a variety of physical activities while responding to external stimuli (e.g., perform a hip hop, modern, folk or jazz dance; use core strength to maintain balance, reach holds and pull into position in wall climbing; use core strength to lift out of the seat slightly while cycling to increase pedalling strength and maintain a steady cadence while travelling up a steep hill) [PS, IS, CT].

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Create an 8 column by 2 row chart.
  2. Place Grade 11 in the second row of the first column.
  3. Identify the focus courses being offered and place them as headings of the other columns.
  4. Begin to explore the curriculum expectations at the Grade 11 level where there are examples of activities provided.
  5. Place each activity into the chart in the appropriate course or courses where it fits best.
  6. Provide content in cases where the activity appears in more than one course (e.g., how will that activity take place).
    • use core strength to maintain balance will appear in the HALE, PAF and PAI course but with the following example:

      • HALE: Core Strength – fitness activities – individual program development;
      • PAF: Core Strength – fitness activities – group spin class;
      • PAI: Core Strength – cycling, rock climbing (maintain balance, reach holds, pull into position);
  7. Once completed, the remaining examples from the curriculum expectation are distributed into the other focus courses being offered.
    • PAR: Perform a hip hop, modern, folk or jazz dance.
  8. The process continues in the same manner with the next expectation where the examples provided can be placed into the appropriate focus course column.
  9. Continue this process until all expectations within the Movement Competence strand have been examined.