Four Corners


The Four Corners strategy allows students to explore different influences in their lives (e.g., friends, family, etc.) and consider how each might affect both their feelings and behaviours.


  1. Tell students they are going to identify influences that can affect their decision-making process when it comes to a particular health issue.
  2. Label four corners or areas of the activity space using the following or other relevant influencing factors: Home/Family, School, Advertising/Media, and Friends/Peers. Post chart paper and place markers in each of the four corners or areas.
  3. Ask students to choose one corner of the classroom and brainstorm the ways the influencing factor listed on the chart paper may influence someone’s decision making about the health topic. Instruct them to record their answers.
  4. In a large-group discussion, have students share their findings. Ask them what influences have the most impact on their decisions.

Important Considerations

Educators need to recognize that students have a range of personal influences in their lives that will impact their decision-making process.

It is important for educators to be non-judgemental and avoid labelling, laying blame, or portraying influences in a negative manner. (E.g., “Your parent smoking is a bad influence on your health.”)

Students are being asked to share their thoughts in a public way. Remind students that they have the right to pass and may choose to listen if they are not comfortable sharing with the group.