See, Hear, Feel, Act


See, Hear, Feel, Act is a teaching strategy that encourages students to analyse how behaviours look, sound, and feel—and then imagine how they could react when faced with these behaviours.


  1. Ask the students to brainstorm ideas about a particular behaviour (e.g., bullying, harassment, caring, kindness). Record their ideas on a piece of chart paper or an interactive whiteboard.

    • What does __________ sound like?
    • What does __________ look like?
    • What does __________ feel like?
  2. Once students have provided some examples, ask them what actions they take if they encounter this behaviour. Record their answers.
  3. Assign students to small groups. Give each group a scenario in which they encounter a given behaviour and ask them to think of ways they could respond to the situation. Consider asking students to practice their conflict resolution skills by preparing a short skit to illustrate their answer(s).

Important Considerations

Some students may suggest handling situations in ways that are unsafe or disrespectful. Educators need to ensure that only appropriate examples (those supporting school/board policies) are presented to the class.

When students perform their skits, they may feel self-conscious. Students may feel vulnerable and concerned about their peers’ responses. Monitor those responses and reinforce class expectations for respect and support for one another. Acting out skits in front of their peers should be voluntary.