Activity Counts

Activity Counts is a series of 27 activity cards that introduce fundamental math concepts and skills to students in a fun, active way.

Research shows that using movement to facilitate learning across all subject areas helps to increase student engagement and improve academic outcomes. Activity Counts has been developed to help elementary educators (grades 1-6) make math an active experience for all students!

Activities are grouped according to divisions (Primary, Junior) and address fundamental mathematics concepts and skills in the Ontario Math curriculum (2020) including: numbers, algebra, data, spatial sense, and financial literacy.

The Ontario Math curriculum also includes social-emotional learning skills to support the learning of math concepts and skills while fostering overall well-being and the ability to learn through critical thinking and creativity. Ophea’s cross-curricular Activity Counts resource provides opportunities for students to practice and build these skills through helping to achieve both Math and Health and Physical Education curriculum expectations.

Activities can be run in a variety of spaces, require simple equipment, and take only 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Each activity card has step-by-step instructions, including a clear purpose statement, modifications to support learning across divisions (as appropriate) and sample questions to facilitate student learning through discussion and reflection.

Remember - no matter what subject you’re teaching, Activity Counts!

Want to see a sample activity card? Check out Take Your Base!

(*) Activity Counts has been aligned to the mathematics concepts and skills in the new Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Mathematics, 2020.

This resource is also available in French as L’activité compte.