Recognition and Awards


Ophea believes that positive role models who exhibit passion, integrity, professionalism and a commitment to healthy active living are necessary to achieving our goals. 

The Ophea Board of Directors and Leadership Team believe that volunteers and contributors provide the organization with skills, talents and perspectives that are essential to our vitality and sustainability, and recognize the significant contribution volunteers make to the organization.


Each year Ophea recognizes the exemplary contributions of leaders in the field of child and youth health and wellbeing.  

There are thousands of educators across Ontario’s school communities who exhibit the passion, integrity, professionalism and commitment to healthy, active living that impact the lives of millions of children and youth each day.

Who is an educator? Maybe you are! Maybe you know people who are? Are you a teacher, an ECE, a principal or vice-principal, a crossing guard or bus driver, superintendent or director of education? If you champion healthy, active living in your school community, we want to hear from you!

This year, to mark our 100-year anniversary, Ophea has revised our awards to recognize the contributions of all educators making an impact on the lives of Ontario’s children and youth. We are pleased to celebrate the heroic work that educators do every day. Please complete our #Ophea100 Year Anniversary Appreciation Gift form by December 3rd, 2021.

Past Award Winners

Ophea awards recognize outstanding individuals and organizations contributions to the fields of child and youth health, physical activity, and Health and Physical Education. 

  • Award of Distinction: Is presented to an individual who is a leader in the successful advancement of active, healthy living opportunities for children and youth in Ontario schools and/or communities. 
  • Award for Outstanding Contribution: Recognizes an individual, group, or organization for their exemplary contribution to the lives of children and youth in the areas of health and physical education, health and physical activity promotion, advocacy, and/or community development.

Award of Distinction 

  • 2020 Sue McMahon 
  • 2019 James Mandigo 
  • 2018 Ken Leang  
  • 2017 Margaret Good 
  • 2016 Brenda Whitteker 

Award for Outstanding Contribution

Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification

2020/21 School Year: 65 schools across Ontario completed the 6-Step Healthy Schools Process, making their school community a healthier place. These schools demonstrated innovative approaches to promoting health in their school community, with a strong emphasis on student engagement and community partnerships.